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ACEN 2015
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Anime Olympics
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Daisho Con - In The Dells
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Spring Madison Trip March 28
Fri Mar 27, 2015 9:34 pm

Modern day trainwrecks and obscurities
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Favorite Anime Openings
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ACEN 2014
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Choose-Your-Own-Adventure MST3K Night 2015
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Spamm 2/24/15
Tue Feb 24, 2015 9:55 am

SPAMM Spring Dubuque Trip
Fri Feb 20, 2015 3:14 pm

Spamm 2/17/15
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Macademi Wasshoi
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Late room Change
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Spring 2015 Schedule!
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KJ:  nvm turns out they just purged a bunch of copy right stuff -.-
KJ:  holy ballz, mangapark and mangapanda got blown up :-\
qPenguin:  SHELLM is best club
Zaku:  applying for my C&R license, bretty cool
Megaton:  Barrel of DEF in Hi-Def? Yes, please. (Also, had to go watch that scene as required.)
chronomeister:  It has come to my attention that Violence Jack is being re-released onto DVD format. I could think of no better place that needs to know this important information.
Zaku:  I kinda miss SPAMM. Just a little.
jman:  Oh yeah, I remember that one...Oh god, why did I have to remember that one.
Shogun:  nopenopenope
KJ:  Wasurenagumo, find it, watch it.
Zaku:  I got my CCW license WOOOOOOOOOOO
chronomeister:  Couldn't get into RWBY. On the other hand, ZuiKaga is now canon. Today was a good day for me.
KJ:  tis a sad sad time for RWBY fans.
jman:  Don't worry. I watched their podcast last night, and they mentioned that it'll continue.
Megaton:  Sigh, I wonder if hope RWBY will still continue...
Bootkiller:  Rest in Peace, Monty Oum. You were truly an amazing person.
chronomeister:  So tell me, do you like being wrong all the time or just when saying kotori is not the best?
jman:  Second thst.
chronomeister:  Did I miss the thread where you posted the final designs? Kinda would like to know what it looks like. And is there a way for us alums to buy one if we can't attend the meetings?
Shogun:  Hey Guys. We will be having t-shirt order forms available tonight, so if you want one, a SPAMM t-shirt is $10. Orders will be taken this week and next week
chronomeister:  Well Nozomi is not the worst taste in the world. But saying that there is someone better than Kotori is not only bad taste but objectively WRONG.
Zaku:  Kotori an Nico suck. Nozomi is where it's at.

Latest news

Spring Madison Trip March 28

Hello all! Who's all excited for the Spring Madison Trip?! (Completely rhetorical. I know you're all thrilled). We'll be meeting in the McGregor parking lot and leaving at 11am, hopefully putting us in Madison around noon thirty (weather permitting). We'll be hitting up the affordable All-You-Care-To-Eat Sushi place (directions to be added at a later time) for lunch and then browsing State Street and more afterward. We'll be sure to check out the used book and games shop along with the anime figure to shop (mostly to browse if your wallet's anything like mine). I'm sure we'll visit other shops based on people's suggestions and interest.

Be sure to say you're coming by March 27 so we can organize rides accordingly!

Be sure to post if you can drive or need a ride!

Hope to see you all of you then!

Shogun's Oyoroi:
-(Picking up Jeff along the way)

Zelda's Carriage:
-Not Dice

Dice's Green Machine:

(So help me I will eventually learn everyone's username and real names and be able to tie the two together)

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Choose-Your-Own-Adventure MST3K Night 2015

Hello fellow SPAMMers!

This Tuesday 3/10, is SPAMM's annual MST3K night. MST3K is shorthand for Mystery Science Theater 3000, a TV show that made fun of bad movies.

Once a year SPAMM officers allow one of its trolliest members find the "cream of the crap" when it comes to anime and make a schedule of shows, including the OVA.

You are allowed, nay, encouraged to talk out loud and make fun of the shows. Shout your best witticisms for the enjoyment of everyone else!

This year we are featuring a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure type of night where you get to vote for the next show based on descriptions provided by your Master-of-Ceremonies, Dice!

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Spamm 2/24/15

Tonight we are in Dounbna 177 ( the Piano Room) for Spamm.
Should be the last night we should have to move unless something pops ups.


See you there

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Spamm 2/17/15

Hello My People,
AS Josh has pointed out on the Facebook we will be back in the Old room Tonight( Dounba 103).
Make sure your in the right place for all Your Anime viewing needs

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SPAMM Spring Dubuque Trip

As brought up last night, SPAMM will be having our Dubuque trip (crazy Wisconsin weather permitting) not this weekend but on Saturday 2/21! We'll be meeting in the McGregor parking lot at 12 noon and heading out to Dubuque.

We will be going to either Taiko's or Ichiban for lunch, depending on majority preference. We can then go to the mall, comic shop, game stop, or anywhere else people may suggest!

I'm a lil biased towards Ichiban's since I've looked at their online menu:!menu/c5hf
Looks like we'll be heading to Ichiban's for lunch! Guess we'll hafta grab a hibachi table :) Be sure to sign up to go so we can have a large enough table!

Please be sure to post that you'll be going here before 2/19 so we can have enough room in cars and an accurate number for restaurant reservations.

So come on down and sign up for another fun filled SPAMM Trip!!!

Shogun's Oyoroi:
- Vibram

Zelda's Carriage
- Dice

Taylor's T-Mobile

(If enough spots stay open we'll probably just take two cars. But lets leave the room for more peoples :p)

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